About Barbara Hoppe

Portrait of Barbara Hoppe

Barbara Hoppe studied General and Comparative Literary Studies, Romance Philology and Business Administration at the University of Bayreuth/GER. Before she started serving as Managing Director of the Entrepreneurship Foundation in 2006, she had worked for the internationally recognized auction house Grisebach in Berlin/GER.

Barbara remains faithful to the passion for literature, art and culture, and has been a blogger at Feuilletonscout for 6 years, presenting artists in interviews and reviewing the world of feuilletons.

To her, entrepreneurship is a perspective on human activity that seeks to bring creativity and courage, imagination and initiative, to the tasks of starting and running business ventures and social organizations. It offers an opportunity for unconventional ideas and views. Achieving success through transcending established structures,  it attracts artists, mavericks and all those who formerly were marginal to the business world. But the cultural development of a society depends on initiatives that apply economic, social and artistic creativity to existing problems.