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Our definition of Social Art:

Social Art is any artistic expression that aims to create social impact and change. This definition delineates the intention of the artist as crucial. Art engages in questioning and rethinking existing systems and paradigms. Artists are visionaries, utopists, agents for change, with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences. It is aesthetic revolution that preludes societal revolution.

The goal of this award that was launched in 2017 is to invigorate the rise of social art. We need more people to inspire zest for transformation. Even if this approach dissents from the widely claimed autonomy of art. The award explores and clusters the field, and seeks to raise attention for social art. Furthermore, the award aims at strengthening the recognition of social artists and the value of their work. Thus, promoting the importance of social art for society and its action-oriented participatory projects.



Bioremediating Missile

Bioremediating Missile by Jos Volkers (NL), Social Art Award 2021 – Special Prize 

Symbiotic Futures

Symbiotic Futures by Romy Snijders (NL), Social Art Award 2021 – Special Prize 

White Butterflies

White Butterflies by Milan Rai (NP), Social Art Award 2021 – Honorable Mention


FlowGarden by Joy Lohmann (DE), 1st prize winner of the Social Art Award 2021

Blue Eyed Grass

Blue Eyed Grass by Rosalind Lowry (UK), 2nd prize winner of the Social Art Award 2021  

Mapping Greenness

Mapping Greenness by Mo Langmuir (UK), 3rd prize winner of the Social Art Award 2021  

Consent, Intent, Boundaries (Performance Still) by Narcissa Gold (US), winner of the Social Art Award 2019

Pink Silence (Social Sculpture in India) by Bogna Grazyna Jaroslwski, winner of Social Art Award 2019

Lino Tonelotto - Tournons le dos! / Turn our backs !

Tournons le dos! / Turn our backs ! (Public Art Intervention) by Lino Tonelotto, winner of Social Art Award 2017


Online galleries of the Top 50/Top 100 artists:

Social Art Award 2019

Social Art Award 2017

Official Social Art Award Books (digital version)

Social Art Award 2021 – Third Edition

Social Art Award 2019 – Second Edition

Social Art Award 2017 – First Edition

Press Releases

Press Documentation (Selection)

Le premier Social Art Award décerné à un nancéien pour « Tournons le dos », Tic&+ Magazine, 10 Jan 2017
Tournons le dos ! / Turn our back !, Actipedia, 23 Apr 2017
Un prix pour avoir tourné le dos by Lysiane GANOUSSE, L’Est Républicain, 20 Aug 2017 
PINK SILENCE ist der Gewinner des Social Art Award 2019!, Soziale Skulptur, 6 Feb 2020
Bogna Grazyna Jaroslawski has won the 2019 Social Art Award, Auroville, 5 Mar 2020
Social Art Award Ceremony | PINK SILENCE Presentation by Bogna Grazyna Jaroslawski, Youtube, 3 Aug 2020
Puede el Arte catalizar el Cambio by Pía Dalesson, Comunidad PAN, 1 Sep 2020
Social Art Award to catalyze change towards a greener future, Interview with Nicole Loeser, Business Spirit Platform, 29 Mar 2021
BOLD CHANGE ! The Future Living Sustainability Conference 2021, Berlin-Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie, 8 Apr 2021
From Gardens to Galleries: IFAI’s Roots in Sustainability and the Importance of Empowering Artists by Rachael Davies, Zero Waste Berlin Festival, 19 Apr 2021
Can Art Catalyze Change Towards A New Greening?, by AI for Good, 1 May 2021
Social Art Award für Joy Lohmann by Stefanie Ristig-Bresser, Kultur des Wandels, 2 Jul 2021
New greening: re pensarnos de un modo más “verde” by Pía Dalesson, Comunidad PAN, 20 Aug 2021
Social Art Award 2021 by Szilvia Szabo, Profit with Purpose Magazine – Winter Edition, 1 November 2021

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