To promote social art, the Institute for Art and Innovation (IFAI) develops an archive in which social art practices for public spaces are collected. By emphasizing social art, IFAI aims to promote artistic interventions that generate social transformation by means of co-creation with the community. Social art practices always carry a social and ethical responsibility when working closely with local communities. Therefore, art can become deeply embedded into societal challenges and provide positive impact.

In the ‘Social Art Archive for Public Spaces,’ social art interventions by artists from all over the world are assembled for you to re-enact in your region.

You can browse through the archive, get to know all the projects and see how you can re-create a social art project. With this archive, IFAI would like to join forces and engage people across the globe to promote social art.

If you also like to get more people be engaged in your art intervention by opening it up for recreation, we would be happy to promote it and receive your information via this form


#1 The Womb – Isabella Bhoan

Recreation: Create your own public open space where people can connect with each other, nature, and the community. Start with wiring a tree into Hessian fabric and build a circular structure around it with wire mesh.
Participants: Minimum 2 persons.
Materials: Wire mesh, Hessian fabric and connectors.

#2 HOME – Benna G. Maris

Recreation: Reenact Maris’ performance and become a living sculpture. Start with this: Firstly, place on top of the umbrella a large label saying ‘HOME.’ Secondly, choose a place to perform the art intervention. 
Finally, create a performance in public space with holding the umbrella up. It shall invite people that would need a shelter, a safe space, or a home.
Participants: Minimum 1 person.
Materials: Umbrella and cardboard label saying ‘HOME’.

#3 Hypermorph Garden 3.0 – Fuen Chin

Recreation: Re-create Fuen Chin’s painting of a future garden. You download the image of Chin’s artwork and project it on a white-colored wall. You paint over the projection and create your own future garden on the wall. 
Participants: Minimum 2 persons.
Materials: A white-colored wall or canvas, a projector and painting materials.