New Greening Day 2 – Save the date: 25 June 2021

We are thrilled to celebrate the Social Art Award 2021 with you! 

At our New Greening Day II online event we host two panels with our distinguished international jury membersinteraction rounds with our audience and of course we’ll be revealing the winner(s) of this year’s award to the public. 

Under the topic New Greening the biennial prize will be awarded to compelling visionary artists co-creating positive futures, communicating relevant ideas, concepts, new narratives, or practices and visions of coexistence and collaboration towards sustainable transformation. 

After receiving an impressive 700+ submissions from 147 countries, our judging panel has selected the winners from the shortlist.
The international jury members are: Tereza de Arruda (BR-DE), Verena Kaspar-Eisert (AT), Dr. Nishant Shah (IN-NL), Chantal Bilodeau (CA-US), Onyis Martin (KE), Layla Sailor (CN-UK), Thomas Warner (US), Zakary Zide-Brazen (US), Christophe de Jaeger (BE), Jess Brazen (US), and Nicole Loeser (DE).

Nominees for the SAA 2021 areJoy Lohmann (DE), Leroy Brothers(FR), Milan Rai (NP), Romy Snijders (NL), Rosalind Lowry (UK), Nikolina Butorac (HR), Mo Langmuir (UK), Cedric Carles (global), Avinash Pramla & Mahesh Shivsharan (IN), Adrian Baker (CA), CULTURANS (MX), Jos Volkers (NL), Lihidheb Mohsen (TN).
As well as two wild card winners: Gibran Tabash (CR) and Michelle Vazquez Sanz (MX) 

To follow some of the inspiring insights from this year’s nominees and expert jury members, you are cordially invited to join the discussion and to be part of the ceremony of the Social Art Award 2021:

🎟 You can watch the recorded sessions and award ceremony here!

We look forward to envisioning a New Greening world with you!


The event is part of the program of the Social Art Award 2021; NEW GREENING, organised by the IFAI, Berlin.

25 JUNE 2021, 15:30-18:30 CET (online)

  • Opening. Can we catalyse change together towards a New Greening world?
  • 16:00 Panel 1: Social Art and its relevance for societal change 
  • 16:30 Interaction round
  • 17:00 Panel 2: The impact of art on sustainable transformation
  • 17:30 Interaction round
  • 18:00 Award Ceremony: Social Art Award 2021
  • 18:45 Closing

The event is part of the program of the Social Art Award 2021; NEW GREENING, organised by the IFAI, Berlin.

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