New Greening Workshop Series starts!

Workshop on New GreeningTo realize a future of regeneration and restoration, for the planet and the human and nonhuman life on it, it matters how we collectively practice imagining this future of a New Greening world. What images do we use? What stories do we tell? How can we open, interrogate and invigorate the prevailing fabric of understanding that science, technology and governmental policies, such as the Green New Deals, emerge from?

We invite all experts and organizations that care for a socio-ecological transformation and facilitate collaboration between disciplines and communities to create synergy and broaden the scope and impact of ideas. Let us exchange visions on possible and hopeful futures and what could be changed together.

‘New Greening’ is a visible trend focussing on sustainable development and putting the planet first. This open concept will be used in this future prototyping workshop to explore the possibilities of creative methods in shaping a regenerative future for the planet. Using co-imagination within a multidisciplinary network, we will co-create appropriate values for the challenges of climate change, using the power of advanced experiences and knowledgeable projections for new narratives. In the 90 min-workshop, based partly on worldbuilding and concept art methods, we will visualize and design relevant scenarios for a world we want to live in.

18 March 2021, 4:30 pm – 6 pm
RSVP via email to until 17 March 2021

Nicole Loeser/ Institute for Art and Innovation
Prof. Angelica Böhm/ Filmuniversity Babelsberg

This workshop is a part of the programme of the New Greening edition of the Social Art Award 2021. It is held via Zoom and will be facilitated on the Miro-Board. Password-protected links for participation in the workshop will be sent by email just before the workshop.

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