• Future Prototyping Workshop – Art For Futures-Lab

    Future Prototyping Workshop – Art For Futures-Lab

    Cinematic sci-fi visions of the future are usually dystopias. The ArtForFuture-Lab is developing an international online future museum that interactively and co-creatively takes on the challenges of the 21st century. Due to the complex socio-economic, cultural and ecological issues, strong images and value-based visions are required in order to be able to steer towards positive,…

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  • SDG Workshop: 9 April 2021

    SDG Workshop: 9 April 2021

    Bake a cake and save the world: learn, apply and co-create with the SDGs Calling all those with an appetite for sustainability! Everyone is welcome at our next community event. In this workshop, we look forward to learning together about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and exploring how they can be applied. We foster reflection…

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  • New Greening Workshop Series starts!

    New Greening Workshop Series starts!

    To realize a future of regeneration and restoration, for the planet and the human and nonhuman life on it, it matters how we collectively practice imagining this future of a New Greening world. What images do we use? What stories do we tell? How can we open, interrogate and invigorate the prevailing fabric of understanding…

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  • Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening” – Call for applications

    Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening” – Call for applications

    The Social Art Award 2021 “New Greening”, launched by the Institute for Art and Innovation, recognizes visionary works from artists (co-)creating positive futures, communicating compelling ideas, concepts, narratives, practices and visions of coexistence. Applications are welcome that focus on this year’s theme “New Greening” providing hopeful prospects towards climate change, resource saving, environmental protection, ecosystem…

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  • Social Art Award Book – 2nd Edition

    We are happy to announce that the book, Social Art Award: We are the people – Peaceful Revolutions, has been released! This second edition of the official Social Art Award book is a collection of inspiring art works and projects dealing with important societal issues around the world. Learn more about it and get your copy of…

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  • At last night’s Social Art Award Ceremony

    The second Social Art Award Ceremony, presented by the Berlin-based Institute for Art and Innovation in collaboration with Lebanese organization Peace of Art, honored the final winners. Last night, on 29 July 2020, an interested audience from 15 countries as well as organizers and jury members came together to cherish and discuss the stimulating artist contributions in the…

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