Blue Eyed Grass on the Boglands of Ireland, one of 15 installations as part of an environmental art trail.

Blue Eyed Grass

For the last 2 years I have been Artist in Residence on the boglands of Northern Ireland and to coincide with the end of lockdown I created a temporary environmental art trail on a section of the bogs for local people and local schools to enjoy walking in the space and discovering new contemporary art. Each of the 15 sculptures and installations on the trail is based on the Endangered Species List for Northern Ireland, 481 mammals, insects and plants are on this list. Blue Eyed Grass is one of them. I want to encourage people to look at and to use the boglands in a different way, and to encourage young people in the surrounding schools to engage with the area. Blue Eyed grass is a kinetic installation that moves with the wind. It is currently being enjoyed by the groups of people I have been taking on tours of the trail. I have also delivered a series of outdoor painting and clay sculpture classes for the local people in the area and part of the project involves painting 2 community murals in the schools on the edge of the bogland. As part of this residency the Zurich based Artists Collective are posting my online Daily Art Diary from the bogland and are promoting the work and the them on their website and instagram @devamitraart We are hoping that this helps other Artists and young Artists to learn about the position of being an Artist in Residence and the daily art making process. The entire project for my residency for the past 2 years has been partnered by the Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership, and funded through the UK Heritage Lottery Fund. Lough Neagh Landscape Partnership are a local community and environmental organisation who work on the ground delivering community programmes, working with the local farming sector on environmental improvement and also delivering wildlife preservation interventions. My Artist in Residence position has been a community and socially based programme of arts interventions.

believe art can be used as an intervention to engage citizens and audiences who might not otherwise notice the message. Art can deliver a message and give solutions to problems. Scientific data can be translated through art and urgent messages about a New Greening can be more accessible through art. The ability for Artists to partner with different sectors such as science to help co – create solutions is a major opportunity. The Arts have a long and fabulous history of partnership working across different sectors and can be used to create a lasting legacy.

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