Introduction to the Social Art Award 2021 ‘Room in the House’

As a partner to the Social Art Awards 2021, Sustainable mPact™ offers everyone involved or interested in the Social Art Award project an online discussion forum on the Sustainable mPact™ sustainability platform. 

In this forum you will find exclusive material from the New Greening Project team and from the artist community. The forum and the platform will also be a place for discussions on art, sustainability and related topics as well as a great way to expand your network in the field of art and sustainability, find new collaborators, etc. etc. We call this ‘A Room in the House’ – i.e.  the Social Art Award 2021 Room in the Sustainable mPact™ House of Sustainability

To join this Room in the House, please go to:

Promotion Opportunity for Artists!

In collaboration with the Social Art Award 2021, Sustainable mPact™ is offering artists an exclusive, high quality, large, global marketing opportunity reaching a carefully selected audience. And yes – it’s free!!

During the Spring and Summer of 2021, Sustainable mPact™ offers 60 artists who have submitted work to the New Greening – Social Art Award 2021 project a large, global marketing opportunity. 

The Concept.

The marketing program is set up in a ‘Behind the Scenes’ format, where artists share and explain details about their work with the audience, addressing topics such as: thoughts behind their work, purpose, goal, why they decided on a certain expression/colour scheme/fabric, etc. 

For this purpose, artists are requested to record a short video presenting themselves and their work, and upload it in the New Greening discussion forum, i.e. Room in the House. 

Here’s how it works.

1. Artists join the Social Art Award 2021 Room in the House on the Sustainable mPact™ platform where all relevant links to apply will be found. Link:  

Artists are expected to be active in the ‘Room in the House’ discussion forum to answer questions, meet and interact with friends and fans, interact with platform members, etc. 

2. Artists record a short video (max. 2-3 minutes) addressing relevant topics which can be found in the Group Description (below the Cover Image). Please introduce yourself in the beginning of the video with name, city/country. 

3. Instruction to video recording: High quality image and sound; cell phone recording is fine as long as picture and sound are not disturbed – clear image, no background noise, etc. 

4. Please send an image of yourself (high resolution image, JPG) plus any URL you want to include when we promote you (your website, Facebook profile, Instagram account, etc.) as a private message to Tina Borgman on 

Tina is part of the Sustainable mPact™ communication team. Search for Tina on the platform, send her a friend request and communicate with her. 

5. The first 60 artists who file a complete submission will be promoted to a large art- and sustainability audience. 

‘What’s in it for me as an artist?’ / Value Proposition.

  • Exclusive opportunity to reach a selected audience of more than 70,000 people, in the Institute for Art and Innovation/Social Art Award 2021 and Sustainable mPact™ network. This audience has been carefully qualified and consists only of people, NGOs and companies who are interested in Art and Sustainability. Total audience reach may be larger, 200,000+ people. 
  • Great opportunity to get large exposure
  • Interact with other artists, fans and other stakeholders
  • Expand your network
  • New collaboration opportunities
  • New business opportunities could arise from the contacts you could make 
  • It’s free! All you have to do is submit the material requested, we handle the rest


Selection process: 
‘First Come – First Serve’, i.e. the first 60 artists who submit videos in the Room in the House + send Tina Borgman their URLs will receive this marketing and promotion package. 

To submit your material, please go to:

Videos that are not appropriate for this purpose may be removed from the Room in the House and from the promotion selection process. 

We’re looking forward to receiving your material and to promote you and your work!

Introduction to Sustainable mPact™ 

Sustainable mPact™ is one of the world’s first and most comprehensive online communities for sustainability. Its affiliate branch Sustainable Soundtracks™ uses music and other artforms to accelerate the sustainability transition. For more information: and

Make your voice heard and interact with hundreds of people who are passionate about sustainability, NGOs, brands, etc.

Video Tutorials on how to use the Sustainable mPact™ Platform can be found here:


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