Announcing the Social Art Award’s Top 10 + 2

The Social Art Award is entering the next stage. The very active public voting ended last night. So did the heated internal discussion about the TOP 10.


Here is the TOP 10 (in alphabetical order):

Christa Joo Hyun D’Angelo (Germany)

David Bert Joris Dhert (Belgium)

Diogo da Cruz (Portugal)

Gerd Brockmann (Germany)

Glen Farley (Norway)

Lino Tonelotto (France)

Nina Sumarac Jablonsky (Cyprus)

Quek Jia Qi (Singapore)

Rachel Reid (United Kingdom)

Tatjana Macic (Netherlands)

Congratulations to the 10 short listed artists of the Social Art Award!


The winners of the public voting for the Social Art Award are Natasha Sarkar and Lino Tonelotto.  Nevertheless the two wild cards for entering the contest for the final prize go to:


Natasha Sarkar (India)


Atelier SER (Portugal) – Because No. 2 and 3 are already in the shortlist – Number 4 of the public voting stepped in.

Now the professional jury will come together and will let their sparks fly to select the final winners. They will be presented to you soon.


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