Tournons le dos! / Turn our backs !

Lino Tonelotto - Tournons le dos! / Turn our backs !

ELECTIONS: THE DESPONDENCY IS DISPLAYED ON THE STREET The Collective of April 23, 2017 Would be very honored for your presence at the opening of the street show 23avril2017 / Artistic and Politic Action WEDNESDAY 19 APRIL 2017 18:00 APRIL 19> APRIL 22, 2017 Abstention, vote of protest, lassitude or violent reactions rise from all over the crisis of our “representative democracy ». What about thinking the other way round ? What if we reappropriate the iconography of the election? With the 23avril2017 action-art, every citizen is invited to express his political disarray through a universal yet unifying image: turn their backs on a white background, as an electoral counter-poster. An artistic gesture to display loudly but without violence nor political label our disapproval of the ruling class. Let us turn our backs on the electoral masquerade and demand from now on an overhaul of our democratic institutions! From the 19th to the 22nd of April, on the occasion of the Urban Art Fair in Paris, this street action exposes itself… in the street! The 23avril2017 collective will be present with its cardboard furniture to welcome you for a shared moment of fun and free expression. A photo shoot in our polling booth will be offered to all those who wish to create their electoral counter-poster and join our online gallery. Let’s stay creative, active and positioned! ——- The 23avril2017 action-art, follows the 22avril2012 action-art. In 2012, from April 8 to 21, our collective covered eleven French metropolises with more than a thousand posters of back people. Pressbook 2012 :

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