Social Art for Public Spaces – The Womb by Isabella Bhoan

To promote social art, the Institute for Art and Innovation (IFAI) created ‘The Social Art Archive for Public Spaces.’ Social art refers to any artistic practice that steers towards social impact and change. By means of collaboration and social interaction, social art interventions aim to positively affect society. The Social Art Archive for Public Space gathers social art interventions and performances that could be reproduced across the globe. In this way, IFAI highlights social art and engages everyone interested to re-enact the projects.

With her architectural concept, entitled ‘The Womb,’ Isabella Bhoan designed a public open space. After receiving her master’s degree in Landscape Architecture in 2016, Isabella Bhoan started ILF Landscape Architecture creating residential and commercial projects all over the world. These projects mainly focus on biophilic design and well-being in the landscape.

Isabella Bhoan – The Womb
Recreating ‘The Womb’

The architectural concept ‘The Womb,’ aims to bridge individuals, nature and the community. Bhoan’s design responds to self-isolation, social distancing and urbanization that shaped the global pandemic and its quarantine by focusing on the (re-)connection with nature to fight mental health issues. In this sense, ‘The Womb’ represents a symbiotic space were people can come together and share their thoughts. It is a safe space that is open to anyone, like in the middle of the stressfulness and busyness of the urban area.

Recreation: Create your own public open space where people can connect with each other, nature, and the community. Start with wiring a tree into Hessian fabric and build a circular structure around it with wire mesh.
Participants: Minimum 2 persons.
Materials: Wire mesh, Hessian fabric and connectors.

Isabella Bhoan – The Womb

Read more about Isabella Bhoan’s design on her website.

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