Social Art for Public Spaces – Hypermorph Garden 3.0 by Fuen Chin

The Institute for Art and Innovation encourages artists all across the globe to take on socially engaged art projects. These co-creative projects aim to generate social and environmental impact. The ‘Social Art Archive for Public Spaces’ is a new initiative by IFAI to promote social art interventions. Thereby, we encourage people to re-create them in their local context.

Fuen Chin is a Malaysan artist who takes inspiration from horticulture – the usage of art and science on the development and sustainable production of intensively cultivated food and plants. This results in various calligraphic floral paintings, art installations and interventions. In ‘Hypermorph Garden 3.0,’ the gold and blue colored flowers are created by many heart-shaped symbols. When placing the painting on the wall, the flowers represent a fake garden, seemingly comfortable, yet artificial. It is a portrait of the future garden.

Fuen Chin – Hypermorph Garden 3.0
Reenacting Hypermorph Garden 3.0

Fuen Chin’s art intervention entitled ‘Hypermorph Garden 3.0’ presents a future garden.

Recreation: Re-create Fuen Chin’s painting of a future garden. You download the image of Chin’s artwork and project it on a white-colored wall. You paint over the projection and create your own future garden on the wall.
Participants: Minimum 2 persons.
Materials: A white-colored wall or canvas, a projector and painting materials.

Fuen Chin – Hypermorph Garden 3.0

Read more about Fuen Chin art interventions on their website.

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Fuen Chin – Hypermorph Garden 3.0

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