Social Art for Public Spaces – HOME by Benna G. Maris

The Berlin-based Institute for Art and Innovation (IFAI) highly values collaborative and co-creative artistic practices that aim to generate social transformation. In the ‘Social Art Archive for Public Spaces,’ IFAI uses their platforms to promote social art interventions, encouraging people all over the world to re-create them locally.

“Either eclecticism or boredom” is the motto of Benna G. Maris. Their multimedia art always hovers in between various spaces and searches for interdisciplinary approaches. Among others, their interests focus on philosophy, poetry, society, humanism and naturalism.

Benna G. Maris – HOME
Reenacting ‘HOME’

Benna G. Maris’ performance entitled ‘HOME’ presents a living sculpture of a person standing under an open umbrella.

Recreation: Reenact Maris’ performance and become a living sculpture. Start with this: Firstly, place on top of the umbrella a large label saying ‘HOME.’ Secondly, choose a place to perform the art intervention.
Finally, create a performance in public space with holding the umbrella up. It shall invite people that would need a shelter, a safe space, or a home.
Participants: Minimum 1 person.
Materials: Umbrella and cardboard label saying ‘HOME’.

Read more about Benna G. Maris’ artworks on their website.

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