The winners of the Social Art Award 2019!

A big thank you to all artists for all their thought-provoking and meaningful contributions to the Social Art Award under the topic “We are the people – Peaceful revolutions through the power of the many”. The professional jury was very impressed by 558 submissions and had a very hard time to decide as each work was very valuable! As a result, we came to the conclusion to select three final winners. The prize money will be distributed equally between these winners. We congratulate the three winners / Category 1:
Narcissa Gold
Narcissa Gold (USA) shows us with her a series of live interactive performances titled „Consent, Intent, & Boundaries“ that physical connection/ touch is fundamental to our human nature and our overall sense of wellbeing. The artist beliefs that the multifaceted crises develops when societies move away from acceptable social touch. Thus, it is a huge call out reminding us to get back closer together. So simple and powerful, yet so difficult sometimes.
Melinda Mouzannar
Melinda Mouzannar (Lebanon) proposed with her three paintings titled “حطّ حالك محلّن – Put Yourself in Their Shoes“ that everyone in power should show empathy for the people who suffer. Her work reflects on feeling a sense of humanity towards others. Reminding especially people in power on the harming impact of their actions this artwork calls for joining forces between the people to request change!
Bogna Grazyna
Bogna Grazyna Jaroslawski (Poland/Germany) focuses in the multidimensional participatory art project „PINK SILENCE“ on violent experiences. It refers to the first feminist movement GULABI GANG from the North Indian region of Uttar Pradesh, in which women – all dressed up in pink saris – organize demonstrations to create more awareness on violence against women. The strength of Bogna’s interventions is to mobilize a wide range of people through art and by this catalyzing a movement for change! As for Category 2, the search for a global visual/ symbol for peaceful revolutions, we acknowledge the fact, that these symbols unfold far stronger if they arise out of the local context they relate to. Therefore, we decided to turn it into a honorary mention to avoid confusion.  The Honorary Mention / Category 2 goes to:
Kingston Kin Sing Chan
Kingson Kin Sing Chan (Hong Kong/UK) reminds us with his work “Kiss Spring Bag” to highly value humor and how this can push a sense of unity, especially during difficult dense times such as the present fights for freedom and justice in Hong Kong. Please read the story behind the artwork and watch out for his sign if you join the demonstration on January 1, 2020 against the violence in Hong Kong. Again a heartfelt thank you goes to all participants and jury members in this year’s Social Art Award 2019! It is wonderful and inspiring to see you all claiming art as a catalyst for change. Let us all join forces and spread the momentum for a non-violent revolution towards a better tomorrow! We wish all people on earth a peaceful and joyful New Year!

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